We cannot express fully how excited we are to be getting married! 
We are so happy to have found each other.

When Theresa moved to St. Joe in 1980, my then wife, since deceased, and I lived down the street from Theresa and her husband. Not long afterwards my wife recruited her as a Tupperware Consultant and they worked together selling Tupperware. My wife and I moved to another section in St. Joe.  She and my wife, Yvonne, continued selling Tupperware and as well Theresa's oldest and my youngest were classmates so our families would see each other at school events. That was more than 25 years ago.

In February 2011 my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away 3 months later. In the course of those 25 years Theresa ended up single. Then one Godful day in August 2011, I met her again  so I called her and asked her out. We had our first date on Aug 5, 2011 at the Ribeye.

After several more get togethers we became friends and soon realized that we had a lot in common particularly in our faith, how we raised our children, and the importance of family. All that said, I asked her to marry me on May 20, 2012 and she said YES!

Michael is a wonderful, caring and loving man. He shocked me when he went to my father's house and asked my dad if he could marry me. My dad was thriilled for both of us and of course he told him "yes", Mike and I had started looking at rings a month or more before he asked me to marry him.  We looked at every store in our area and up to 50 miles away.  We finally decided on a store closer to home so it will be easier and quicker to have our rings serviced. My engagement ring is beautiful and I catch myself looking at it and remembering the day he proposed. Michael has told me that the ring is an expression of his love and dedication to me for the rest of our lives. He is so amazing and perfect for me. I thank God a lot for bringing us together.


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